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-- Those Responsible --

   What began on May 17, 1997 as a worthless "me too" fansite has evolved into a really freaking BIG worthless "me too" fansite. Although there have been lengthy periods of inactivity and no less than five different home servers, the Green Hill Zone has persevered and always emerged triumphant. Larger sites have risen and fallen during the GHZ's silent tenure, and although it's true that we've never quite achieved big-name popularity, the fact remains that WE'RE STILL HERE AND THEY'RE NOT! HA!

   In light of the incidents described in the previous paragraph, the creators of this site would like to devote this small section of cyberspace to indulging their egos. Please take a moment to pay your respects to the men and women who have forsaken their social lives, sacrificed their academic success, and sold their souls to bring you the wealth of utterly useless information contained within these hallowed pages.

  • Contributors:
          Jesse Betteridge (Pepperidge), whipping boy
          Michael Stearns (G.Silver), pedophile
          James Duffy (Popcorn), source of odd smells
          Bo Bayles (Bo), is probably God
          Lee Hiley (Crazy Penguin), lacks appeal
          Michael Lacerna (Squirrelknight), wears panties on his head
          Robbie Sykes (Bakari), strategy guide collector
          Scott Walker (Gale), chronic farter
          Lucas Echeverria (Shou), secret hidden character
          David Dreger (Knuckles Dawson), Power Ranger

  • Special Thanks to:
          Jonathan Gray (WB), poultry fetishist
          Gabrielle Kinsman (Delphine), female sumo star
          Simon Thum (Simmerl), hentai webmaster
          Popcorn's Mom

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